Harry Braun's 2012 presidential campaign.
Harry Braun’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Harry Braun is not your typical, technically illiterate, news reader or anchor. He gets his facts from professors of engineering, science, medicine, molecular biology and physics. For over 30 years, Braun has served as an Advisory Board Member of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (iahe.org), the largest and most-respected hydrogen engineering society in the world.

Braun worked with senior engineers and scientists at McDonnell Douglas, Boeing and Sandia National Laboratories on state-of-the-art and advanced solar Stirling technologies, and his project development company, Mesa Wind, developed a $150 million wind farm project in New Mexico.

Braun is the author of numerous technical papers published in mechanical and chemical engineering journals, as well as “The Phoenix Project: Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen” a 365-page hard cover book and now eBook that documents how to shift to a wind-powered Solar Hydrogen Economy with wartime-speed (i.e., by 2020).


Harry Braun's Phoenix Project eBook
Harry Braun’s Phoenix Project eBook


Highly-Toxic Oil, Coal,
Fracking & Nuclear Energy
Were Never Necessary

Wind systems have been used by humans for over a thousand years, and they were first used for electricity and electrolytic hydrogen production in the 1800s.  Braun’s Phoenix Project DVD includes a remarkable ABC News Report in 1991 with Peter Jennings, about John Lorenzen, a farmer in Iowa, who in the 1930s had to quit school in the 6th grade because his father died, and he had to help is mom on the farm.  But in his spare time, Lorenzen built his own wind-electric generators from his spare parts and then used the electricity for lighting long before the utilities showed up.  And in the 1970s, when the news media began showing up, Lorenzen was also making hydrogen fuel for his pickup truck from water in a wooden barrel in his barnyard workshop.

The Phoenix Project:
Rising from the ashes of all
Fossil & Nuclear worldwide by 2020

What John Lorenzen did on a small scale, is exactly what needs to be done on a global scale, which Braun refers to as the Phoenix Project. Braun’s peer-reviewed calculations document that less than 2 million 5 megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems would permanently displace the use of all fossil and nuclear fuels now used in the USA, and given wind systems are no more difficult to mass-produce than automobiles, and given over 17 million automobiles are made for the USA each year.


John Lorenzen
John Lorenzen
Lorenzen's Workshop
Lorenzen’s Workshop


windmilljpgThus the 2 million wind turbines could be built in less than a year once the tooling is in place. Once all of the energy in the USA is generated from the wind and water, it can then export the liquid hydrogen worldwide.
Given the global Mass Extinction event that is now entering its final exponential stages, Braun’s current focus both pass and ratify the 28-word Democracy Amendment he has authored. The passage of this citizen-sponsored amendment is in full compliance with Article V of the U.S. Constitution Citizen, as is the Article V Citizen Paper Ballot that can be obtained Online at the DemocracyAmendmentUSA.net website.




Once the majority of citizens are in control of the federal and state governments, government secrecy and bribery by lobbyists will be illegal, as will the mass-production of completely unnecessary and highly-toxic chemical poisons,
such as gasoline and diesel fuel, which can be easily replaced wind-powered hydrogen production systems that are completely poison-free and inexhaustible.

Harry Braun’s 1984 Congressional campaign against John McCain was based on shifting from an “oil economy” to a solar-sourced “hydrogen economy,” over a 5-year period.
But because Braun refused to spend time raising money, because he opposed the influence of money in politics, his message was ignored by the media, and thus the USA stayed addicted to oil and other fossil and nuclear fuels, which are both highly-toxic and non-renewable.

Braun also ran as an independent presidential candidate in 2004 and 2012, with similar results. But what is different now is the Google Broadcasting Network (GBN), which
allows ordinary citizens to bypass the corporate-censored news media, and broadcast directly to the public Online.
But due to the power of money in our bribery-based Republic, armies of lobbyists from the multinational Oil & Chemical Industrial Complex used the corporate-owned news media to “brainwash” the public into believing there was no alternative to oil , which is all based on mass-producing poisons, which are now so ubiquitous that the now arrive in the wind and rain worldwide.


The Diffusion of Cream.
The Diffusion of Cream.

Because of the immutable laws of physics called “diffusion,” which is what happens when cream is poured into a cup of coffee, the chemical poisons in the air, water and food are now in the blood and brain of every man, woman and child, including the unborn, who now soak in a witches brew of poisons from the point of conception. The chemical poisons literally melt-down the critical proteins into what are called “amyloid plaques” in the brain and body that are critical for metabolism and memory. Because the amyloid plaques are super sticky, they attach and accumulate on the synapses of neurons, which is causing epidemics of diseases, such as cancer, Autism and Alzheimer’s,.


The Diffusion of Radioactive Poisons from Fukushima, Japan


It now costs an estimated $2.5 million to raise a severely-Autistic child, due to the 24/7 care that is required, which is why these poisoned-based diseases are now bankrupting the USA. However, if a fair accounting system was used that factored in these trillions of dollars of costs to the price of oil and gasoline, no one could afford to use such toxic products.

Should the U.S. continue to use its Armed Forces for the benefit of toxic energy corporations?

The Oil & Chemical Industrial Complex is also what determines U.S. energy & foreign policy. Thus the U.S. Armed Forces are not serving the interests of the majority of citizens, but the financial interests of multinational oil, nuclear & chemical companies that are engaged in poison for profit because their lobbyists made such insanity legal.




One only needs to note that the Obama Administration just sponsored and financed another brutal military coup in Egypt that replaced a democratically elected president (who was not a radical, but a distinguished professor of engineering) with the latest U.S. Dictator in Egypt.

Passing & Ratifying
the Democracy Amendment
with wartime-speed

Shifting from a Bribery-Based Republic to a Majority-Ruled Democracy

Once the majority of citizens are in control of the federal and state governments, secrecy and lobbying will be illegal, and none of American taxpayer’s money will be used to prosecute the ongoing Oil Wars in the Middle East and now Europe will be needed, because all available resources will be focused on mass-producing wind-powered “Lifeboat” and larger “Ark” indoor food production, residential and manufacturing facilities that will be able to operate in spite of the climate change chaos that is now inevitable.

Humanity is accelerating towards a cliff, and without Lifeboats, civilization and our species will likely not survive this Sixth Mass-Extinction event in the Earth’s 4-billion-year-old history.
This is why it is critically important to take action now.

Go the the DemocracyAmendmentUSA.net website and download the Article V Citizen Ballot, fill it out, and send it to your Secretary of State, which can validate, count and archive your ballot. When the majority of registered voters in 38 states send in their ballots, the Amendment for Democracy will be both passed and ratified, at which point America will have finished its Revolution for Democracy.

The Democracy Amendment

“We the People, hereby empower the majority of American citizens to approve all federal laws, legislation, presidential executive orders and judicial decisions that impact the majority of citizens.”