While the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides for Freedom of the Press from Government censorship, it does nothing to protect the American citizens from news that is censored by a corporate-owned news media, which in classic Orwellian style, serve the interests of the highly-toxic and unsustainable oil, nuclear, agribusiness and pharmaceutical corporations, which are in the final stages of making the Earth uninhabitable for the temporary profit of a tiny number of people




Press Release 90.20.2014: Obama’s Oil & Fracking Wars

Instead of mass-producing wind & cannabis hydrogen production systems that could permanently end the Oil Age,
Obama’s latest fiasco is to launch an endless oil war without borders, using highly-radioactive munitions with a 4.5 billion year half-life, against Sunni Muslims who have had their country poisoned & destroyed by the USA for Halliburton & Exxon

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The 28-word Article V Democracy Amendment.

The important differences between a Democracy and a Republic.




Halliburton, Fracking & Motives for the Shoot Down of M-17 in Ukraine.

Energy & U.S. Foreign Policy:  How multinational oil and other corporations influence highly-profitable

wars and then use U.S. Armed forces to acquire foreign energy and resources, which are referred by the corporate-owned news media as “U.S. vital national interests.”




The Global State of Emergency That Now Exists

Five Mass Extinction evens are now underway on the Earth, including overpopulation, climate change,chemical & radiological contamination, two potential super eruptions at Yellowstone & Mammoth, California as well a potential nuclear war with Russia over its gas markets in Europe. Yet virtually no wind-powered “Lifeboat” or larger “Ark” indoor food production systems shown above have been built.




The Poisoning of America 2014

Documenting how the poison-free and renewable Cannabis Economy that the USA was founded upon was made illegal by oil and chemical industry lobbyists with no recorded vote in either the U.S. House or Senate, much less a Constitutional amendment that was needed to prohibit alcohol.




The Solar Hydrogen Energy & Economic System.

The world’s first automobile built in 1807 was not using toxic gasoline, but super-safe and poison-free hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity.  Thousands of vehicles, including aircraft and all of the Saturn V Moon Rockets & Space Shuttles have used hydrogen fuel, and most major automotive manufacturers have been developing hydrogen-fueled engines and vehicles for decades, yet the corporate-owned news media has never informed the American public of the fact that it was never necessary to make the planet uninhabitable by to use oil, coal or other toxic fossil or nuclear fuels.




The Phoenix Project DVD, based on the Book by Harry Braun

This documentary provides a graphic overview of how to shift from all toxic fossil & nuclear fuels to hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity generated by the wind and other solar technologies.

At the end of the video, after the credits there is also a noteworthy ABC News Report on John Lorenzen, who pioneered a wind-powered hydrogen home starting in the 1930s



Immigration & Democracy

Part One

Harry Braun discusses the fact that the USA is $17 trillion in debt, which does not include an additional $122 trillion in unfunded liabilities for Medicare, toxic prescription drugs and Social Security, and there are already over 50 million Americans forced to live in poverty with gangs, toxic air & water, and toxic junk food that is causing epidemics of diseases that are bankrupting the U.S.  Yet both political parties continue to advocate a mindless policy of ignoring illegal immigrants & the drug wars that fund a $100 billion a year American Caliphate of Gangs that have erased the U.S. border.

Part Two

Harry Braun concludes his analysis of immigration, including specific solutions of how to accurately determine the number of individuals who are really living in the USA.  While the corporate news media use the number of 11 million illegal aliens, the real number could easily be over 100 million, because at present, no one knows.  However, it is clear that these illegals are already influencing U.S. elections, which is why Braun’s point is that no fundamental solution is possible until the majority of American citizens obtain their Article V Citizen Ballot from the DempcracyAmendmentUSA.us website, so they can vote to ratify the Democracy Amendment, which will then empower the majority to end partisan gridlocks & bribery by lobbyists.

The SNN Mission

The primary mission of the Science News Network (SNN) is to provide accurate information to its viewers on the Google Broadcasting System (GBS), which is not reported on the other corporate-owned & censored network news media.  Indeed, many news corporations that were in financial trouble are obviously now controlled by oil, chemical and other corporations, which make daily Orwellian misstatements intended to misinform the public into believing that the USA is a Democracy, when it is and always has been a Republic, or that there is no alternative to using highly-toxic oil and other fossil & nuclear fuels, plastics and chemicals, when wind hydrogen & cannabis energy and chemical production systems have been in use since the 1800s.




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